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Q & A


Q: Is this the newest version?

A: Yes, this is the newest version, powerful, with 90% efficiency.


Q:Why have 2 sets black & red battery terminals?

A:If you are using big watts appliance, this can seperate the current to 2 sets cables,  to blance one cable have big amp, avoid one cable become too hot and increase the effiency.


Q: Why the socket not USA socket?

A: That is universal socket, it has no problem to connect USA plug, also fit European, UK plugs.

Also the usual USA socket has only 8amp, this can go to 15amp output, thanks!


Q: Will this inverter come with battery cable?

A: I am sorry that this inverter won't come with any battery cable.


Q: Why modified power inverter cannot run pump?

A: As pump or motor appliances require 10-15 times peak power at the starting time, modified power inverter just only have 2 times peak power, you may need LF pure sine wave inverter to this kind of appliances.


if there's an adjustment inside to turn up the outpt voltage?

A: that is factory original design, man cannot turn up the output voltage by themselves, thanks!

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