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2018 Power Station
2 IN 1

8000W Low Frequency Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 
Lithium Iron Battery 24V 240Ah Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

8000W LF Ssplit phase powr inverter DC 12v to AC 110V & 220V 60HZ


120A high speed battery smart charger

Split Phase function:
AC output as belows:
Two white AC output sockets, output is all 110V,
One hard wire terminal marked L1,N, L2,
L1 + N = AC 110V
L2 + N = AC 110V
L1 + L2 = AC 220V
NOTE: can not L1 + N+ L2
For AC 220v, 100% full power
For AC 110v, 50% half power

This is our 2018 newest version split phase power inverter, inside with 24V 240Ah Lithium iron deep cycle rechargeable battery, we upgard the inverter with more functions than the old ones, then can man operate it more easily and flexible. Total weight 110kgs and size:  length& width*Height : 600*400*1050 mm.
Specification :

Brand          Power Jack
Item no.    LFPSW-8000-24- 220/110
Continuous Output Power  8000W
Surge Output Power32000W
DC Input Voltage24V
AC Output Voltage110V/220V
Output Wave FormPure Sine Wave
Temperature Protection70C
Input Low Voltage Alarm21V
Input Low Voltage shutdown20V
Input High Voltage Alarm30V
Input High Voltage shutdown>31V
Warranty1 year
ComponentsMade in Taiwan
Design    Taiwan    

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 24Volt 240Ah Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is perfect for deep-cycle applications including electric vehicles, solar/wind energy system, UPS battery backup, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, and more. It is designed as a direct drop-in replacement option for Lead Acid, Gel or AGM Batteries, with no maintenance required.
Specification :
Lithium iron Phosphate Battery 24Volt 240Ah
rated capacity(0.2C240Ah0.2CA discharge240Ah
nominal voltage28.8V
internal resistance30mΩ
discharge cut-off voltage20V
recommend charger current120A0.2CA charge to 29.2V
charge voltage28V
Max charge voltage29.2V
Fast charge current240A1C continous charge to 29.2V
Maximum charge current<120A3C continous charge to 29.2V
Maximum continous discharge current<240A3C discharge

Operating temperature range
charge 0~+45
 storage temperature rangeless than one month-20~+45
over 6 months-20~+35

 rated capacity

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8000W-LF-SP-24V-110V/220V+24V 240Ah-Lithium-Iron-Battery

  • Product Code: 8000W-LF-SP-24V-110V-220V-Lithium-Iron-Battery-24V-240Ah
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