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8000W LF Split Phase PSW Power Inverter

DC 12V to AC 110V&220V+ATS+UPS

With 120A Battery Charger & UPS function & ATS function& 3.5" LCD meter

Split Phase function:
AC output as belows:
Two white AC output sockets, output is all 110V,
One hard wire terminal marked L1,N, L2,
L1 + N = AC 110V
L2 + N = AC 110V
L1 + L2 = AC 220V
NOTE: can not L1 + N+ L2

For AC 220v, 100% full power
For AC 110v, 50% half power

NOTE: AS THIS IS SPLIT TYPE, LCD only show 220v voltage , watt, amp, did not show 110v spec. with 120A battery charger function for ac 220V 60Hz home grid power.

This is our 2018 newest version split phase power inverter, upon some buyer's request, we upgard the inverter with more functions than the old ones, then can man operate it more easily and flexible.

1. Voice Selection (Chinese, English)

Hold down the button for 2 seconds, the machine prompts language has been switched, release the button, after 2 seconds, if hear 2 beeping sounds, then the language selection was successful.

2. Hz Selection (50Hz, 60Hz, automatic selection)
Hold down the button for 2 seconds, the machine prompts Hz has been switched, release the button,  after 2 seconds, if hear 2 beeping sounds, then the frequency selection was successful.

3. DC alarm voltage adjustment (±0.5V)
Adjust counterclockwise to reduce DC alarm voltage

Adjust clockwise to raise DC alarm voltage

4. AC output voltage adjustment (210V-240V or 105V-135V)
Adjust counterclockwise to decrease AC output voltage

Turn clockwise to raise the AC output voltage

5. one more DC cooling fan

we add another dc fan on the inverter, for better cooling & long time using without teamp protection.

6. ATS:
If the machine is connected to the battery and home mains at the same time, the machine will use Inverter function first. When the battery voltage is lower than 10.5V(for 12V inverter) or 21.5V(for 24V inverter), the machine will automatically switch to charging mode. In charging mode, the AC output will be from home mains. When the battery voltage rises to 14V(for 12V inverter) or 28V(for 24V inverter), the machine will automatically convert back to Inverter function, when switching the function will not affect the use of appliances.

7. UPS:

If the machine is connected to the battery and home mains at the same time, the machine priority to use the home mains electricity, if the home mains electricity is failure, the machine will be automatically converted into Inverter function to run the home appliances.

  • 1.Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity !

    Simply connect our with a 12V battery. For example as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or boat and use 110V or 220V electrical appliances.

    2.Possible Uses:Equipment,Entertainment Electronics,Household Appliances,Kitchen Devices,Electrical Tools

    3.This item is mainly design for more heavy load,such as motor machine,and when it works with your appliance,you should connect with a battery bank and the AC side need to connect with your home source first.

    4.This item will send from USA warehouse and comes with the universal sockets on the AC output side, it can be used in your country.


  • Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

  • 8000 Watts Continuous Power

  • 32000 Watts Peak Power

  • 12V DC Input

  • 110V and 220V AC Output

  • High Voltage Input Protection

  • Low Voltage Input Protection

  • Over Battery Voltage Protection

  • Overheating Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Power On/Off Switch



Power Jack

Item No.    


Continuous Output Power  


Max Output Power


DC Input Voltage


AC Output Voltage








Output Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

Temperature Protection


Input Low Voltage Alarm


Input Low Voltage shutdown


Input High Voltage Alarm


Input High Voltage shutdown



64cm x 22 cm x 15.5cm 


1 year

Net Weight





Made in Taiwan



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